• Developer: Ludosity
  • Genre: Action, Indie
  • Version: beta
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Official information

Release Date Mar 5, 2018
Developer Ludosity
Publisher Ludosity
Genre Action, Indie
Language English
System PC
Version beta

Most Detailed Roblox Review – Greatest Online Game Of Them All

Roblox is an original project with a whole base of online games created by other players. The trick of the site is that not only you can travel to different worlds, exploring and trying exciting games from other users but also create your own games. It will be especially interesting if you are fond of the game design, so you will be able to try yourself in this challenging task. Games are extremely simple, with primitive graphics.

What Is Roblox?

Roblox game is an original and utterly free MMO, available for playing right on the site. It has a whole library of games created by the community. The game content is made of thousands of blocks similar to Lego. Due to the application of official creation tools and script elements – each game has separate mechanics. Players can share their creations with other users and get gaming currency for this, which is used to buy cosmetic items in a game store.

There are two categories of Roblox players:

  • Players themselves

  • Creators

For creators, there are many different tools that can be used to create large maps and locations built from thousands of blocks. Moreover, in addition to the simple level design, players can customize a location to determine what users will do in it – a first-person shooter or just a social platform where players communicate. After creating the world, players can place it on the site and advertise it among users. For players, there is a huge and wide range of various games with different themes and genres, which are constantly updated almost every day.

Roblox is a unique game that transfers the classic gameplay to a real MMO. Here, you can create your own content or join other players.

Interface of Roblox

The multiplayer platform is a sandbox where players can create their own world using blocks resembling Lego. In addition, users are granted access to make some changes to the environment using the Lua programming language. Many plugins for Roblox are developed in this way. This is a great chance to create your own application, which can even be advertised.

Users have their personal account where they can get certain benefits for the purchase of virtual space. To play the game, a few keys on the keyboard such as arrows and A, W, S, and D are needed. You can also use the mouse and select one of the two modes – from the first or third person.


Since all the games are created by other players, nobody bothers about the plot. You get into the world where hints tell you what to do and how. Further interaction with other players and the world creates a storyline. There is no need for Roblox download, it can be played online.

Roblox Gameplay

Although there are many games, the main part is resource explorers, labyrinths, and speedrunners. The creators of the projects are not experienced game designers, they are the gamers like you who just want to try the features of Roblox.

But, of course, this is not all. You will find a series of mini games where you need to perform new actions each level. There are also games for survival, action games, shooters, strategies for the development of factories, puzzles, and even simulators.

At the beginning of the game, you must create a character. After that, you can start working on the construction site. Once you build the house, you can invite friends and other players. In this case, the more players visit your house, the more money you can make. With the money raised, you can buy new clothes for your character or purchase high-quality building materials. In addition, you can develop locations where you can play unique minigames.


Roblox has simple 3d graphics of Minecraft level and basic effects. There are few features, so if you are a fan of beautiful games, this project is not for you. If the graphics are not important to you, this will be a good chance to try yourself in creating games.


The players choose the soundtrack, of course, according to their own taste. Here, you will hear calm melodies, modern electronic music, and epic combat sounds.

Compatible Platforms for Roblox

Roblox works with the following platforms:

  • Mac

  • PC/Windows

  • Linux

  • Chrome OS

  • Mobile


The Roblox project attracts primarily not with the quality or quantity of their projects, but with the possibility of creating your own games. This is useful in the world of information technology. If you are dreaming about creating your own games, but still have not proceeded with this idea, the editor will give you a hand with all the difficulties, even in creating an elementary project. All the games available on the website are a great example of the capabilities of the game engine as a whole. Use the opportunity to see how others create games, what decisions they make to develop levels, what options they use, how they select music, etc.


  • Poor graphics content
  • Few quality projects
  • Opportunities are too limited for advanced development


  • Easy-to-learn game editor
  • Examples of projects from other players showing the capabilities of the editor
  • You can try yourself in the role of the creator of games, maybe this experience will grow into a favorite thing of a lifetime
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