The future of online multiplayer gaming is now, and you can become a part of this futuristic movement! Join the Roblox community to feel the vibes of the most exciting experience of MMO playing.

Why play Roblox?

  • 70 million players worldwide monthly;

  • 662 million hours spent by them in Roblox;

  • maximal activity with 1,7 million concurrent players online;

  • 4 million developers in the Roblox community;

  • 40 million games created;

  • $100,000 monthly profit of Roblox games;

  • over 40 countries where people play Roblox.

And these are only dry facts! Why do you think so many people are obsessed with this game? It’s all because the unlimited freedom of the creation and playing you get. And who doesn’t like to play? From the youngest kids to the grey-haired gaffers, everyone does!

What’s right about Roblox, is that it corresponds to the gaming needs of the whole variety of ages. Your children, your parents, your grandparents, and you, with no doubt, can play Roblox. This is the most family-friendly playing platform of nowadays with its universal approach to every age.  

So we all do like playing!

That is why we are the biggest Roblox fans. Collecting all our experience about Roblox in one place is our contribution to the future of MMO games.

In this bright and joyful future, there are possibilities for endless playing and creating. And our Roblox family is definitely enjoying being a part of it.